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December 12th, 2008

11:00 am: FREE read & a party! Whoo!

Yes, it's the Midnight Seductions Authors One Year Anniversary Bash! From Noon EST on December 15th, burning down the house 'til the party's over ;-)
I am going to be a special guest (oooh!), along with the likes of Cassie Exline, Ava James, Trinity Blacio and Desiree Lee, partying alongside the MSA crew including, as ever, Adrianne Brennan, AJ Llewellyn, Savannah Chase, Beth Wylde, Kissa Starling and Tess MacKall, among many others. So stop by, because the place is going to be bursting with chat, contests, prizes and more....including the midnight announcement of the MSA ERC winners!

Additionally, Night Shift: Part One is available NOW for free download! Whee!

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December 7th, 2008

10:39 am: Free Read for Christmas...Black Leather and Weird Dogs, anyone?
Another free Christmas read! Here's a sneaky peek at Night Shift, a paranormal short story in two parts, forthcoming from Wild Child Publishing! 

Cover art by M.E. Ellis. Available from www.wildchildpublishing.com


Night Shift: Part One




Animal Control Officer Rebecah Pearsall hates working the night shift, especially in the run-up to Christmas. With a full moon rising over Seattle, even more crazy people than usual roaming the streets and an on-off romance with her boss to contend with, Rebecah just doesn’t need any more complications.


But an encounter behind the local pizzeria with the strangest dog she’s ever seen brings Gabe into her life, and he’s not your run of the mill black-leather-clad hottie. The question is, what does he want with Rebecah?




She blinked. There stood a tall guy with a shock of wavy black hair that skimmed his ears and the kind of looks striking enough to lend new meaning to the phrase ‘perfect stranger’. A terrible delicacy touched his features: large, deep-set eyes whose whites glinted in the dim light, a long, aquiline nose of the sort usually found on marble statues, and cheekbones that could have sliced bacon. His skin looked pale, translucent white against the shadows, and his mouth curled into a soft semi-smile. As if in defiance of the unwritten law that said no man should look quite that pretty, he moved with a lazy, rubber-band gait, a near-swagger that Rebecah had seen adopted by countless wannabe macho men in bars and in front of their wives. She’d always thought it made them look ridiculous. Now she understood why: they clearly didn’t have what this guy did beneath his clothes.

A black leather jacket—well-worn and supple, unadorned by studs, buckles or prints—hung open over his black t-shirt, which itself clung to the outline of his chest. Broad shoulders tapered, by way of some very interesting geography, to a pair of slim hips slung with a tooled leather belt, its buckle a simple brass oval wrought with a Celtic knotwork design. Legs that appeared to go on forever, encased in black leather pants of a decidedly workmanlike nature (none of your rock-star jazz here), ended in heavy bike boots and—Rebecah realized, with some alarm—they really shouldn’t mean he could move with such grace, speed, or stealth.

A thought prodded at the part of her brain not currently occupied by staring, and she licked her lips.

“H-how do you…? Who—”

The black-clad figure held up one slim, pale hand.

“Spare me,” he said laconically. “Who am I? Call me Gabe. How do I know your name? I know a lot about you. That particular info I could have picked up almost anywhere…asked your neighbors, followed you to work, taken a peek in your garbage. And the Internet—oh, gotta love the Internet! Identity, information…such a commodity these days.”

He moved as he spoke, a rolling prowl of a walk that suggested his muscles probably rippled under his skin like oiled frogs. Rebecah tried her hardest to push the image out of her head. This guy had come out of nowhere, clearly Captain Crazy, and yet she’d started thinking about him in the buff. She ought to be pulling out her cell phone and getting ready to dial for the police, or at least switching her keys around so the blades poked out between her fingers and could make an impromptu weapon-cum-DNA collector. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees on the sidewalk, a huge grin on his face.

“Hello, darling…did you miss Daddy?”


Coming soon for FREE DOWNLOAD from www.wildchildpublishing.com





Night Shift: Part Two



What connects an Animal Control Officer, a hound with bright red ears and an elf dressed in black leathers? Rebecah Pearsall is about to find out, and it has nothing to do with Santa’s workshop.


This Christmas, Rebecah has to make a choice that shouldn’t even exist. Trouble is, it could be the most important decision of her life.




Rebecah caught her usual six hours’ sleep, with no ill effects or weirdnesses to report. No befuddled dreams peopled by things that couldn’t exist and, thankfully, no persistent thoughts of the man in the black leathers. She woke, feeling incredibly stupid about the previous night, and bummed around the apartment for a while wondering what to do about it. She ended up calling Dean.

They met for breakfast—the regular person’s dinner—at a diner not far from the shelter. Multi-colored lametta glittered at the counters, with fake snow stenciled onto the windows, and tinny Christmas pop songs piped through the cooking smells and general chatter of the patrons. Naturally, Dean asked about the hound. He didn’t seem that surprised to hear Rebecah’s story, though she left out the parts about Gabe being jaw-droppingly gorgeous…and the promise he’d whispered against her cheek. Dean seemed genuinely concerned, nonetheless. Particularly that the guy had shown up outside her apartment.

“Do you think he followed you?”


“Must have, I guess.” Rebecah shrugged. “There’s really no other way he could have known.”

Dean sighed. “You see? This is why…. I mean, I’m always telling you to be careful, right?”

Rebecah nodded and poked her fork at the plate. She’d lost all appetite for the salad he expected her to address. Dean’s tone softened, and she looked up.

“And you know I worry about you, don’t you? You know I…I care.”

Can we please not do this now?

Rebecah crumpled her mouth into a smile. He reached across the diner table and took her hand, his touch awkward and uncertain, but so full of warmth. She recognized it; this was like the way he touched starving dogs…though he seemed so much more confident with them.

Blue eyes that held so many questions and so many answers. His gaze bored into her, but all Rebecah could think of were lost hours down in the garden. The beautiful, brittle laughter on the breeze.

God! I’m going insane. Too many patrols in the moonlight; brain’s been fried on crazy juice. I’ll end up like Mr. Werewolf…finish my days scrapping over sandwiches and half-eaten pizza crusts.

Dean squeezed her fingers. “Becah, I don’t think you’re really all right. This guy, he didn’t try to—”

“What? No, he didn’t do anything. I told you, he just took his dog. I-I know I should have made sure he came down to the shelter and filled out the paperwork, but….”

Irritation leached through her. Could Dean really not extend beyond those boundaries? ‘What did he do’—as if, because she happened to be a woman, everything was dominated by some male cause and effect? No. They didn’t work like that. They were…different.

Rebecah backed away from the thought, from the memories.

No. Not…not now.


Coming soon for FREE DOWNLOAD from www.wildchildpublishing.com

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December 2nd, 2008

10:57 am: Luneyville, USA, Book 3: The Blue Salmon ~ OUT TODAY!

Luneyville, USA, Book 3: The Blue Salmon by M. King
Cover art by M.E. Ellis

Luney-MJ.jpg picture by Chrysalis_photo

"I laughed out loud on many occasions and wished this well-written tale had gone on forever."
~ 5 Champagne Flutes from Cocktail Reviews

Welcome to Lunaville a.k.a. Luneyville, USA! Each story is tied together in this series through characters and settings. Irony, twists of fate, coincidence, the odd workings of life, bizarre people and happenings all converge in Luneyville. And everyone is mad about the new TV reality show, Go Wild, Go Whacky!

Book 3: The Blue Salmon

Albin X. Vicuna may just be the world's worst private eye. But, when a mysterious woman tracks him down to Lunaville, Albin has a chance to bust open one of the town's deepest secrets.
The only question is, what does The Blue Salmon really want? And who let that cat in here?



A kind of sultry feel hung in the air of Lunaville when the man in the camel coat and oversized sunglasses slipped past the Tap Shoes restaurant. He moved like a shadow…or as much like one as a man dressed in those clothes could do on a sunny, warm autumn day. He stopped by the diner’s plate-glass window, with its stenciled tap shoe design, and brought a white linen handkerchief out of one of his many pockets. He mopped his streaming forehead.


Hmm. Strange.


Through the glass, he made out the familiar figure of Otis the truck driver, glued to his usual booth, an expression of horrified amusement on his face. A moment later, the Tap Shoes’ door burst open, and the scrawny figure of Miss Shawston—owner of Lunaville’s only grocery store—emerged at a rate of knots.


She pelted across the street and into her poky little store, obviously in a state of some distress. The man in the camel coat sniffed and frowned.


A state of some personal discomfort too, by the smell of it.


“Only Tulips Grow Where Irrigation Is Faulty,” he observed to no one in particular and carried on his way.


He’d bought himself a little office just off Lunaville’s main thoroughfare. It didn’t look much from the outside—of course, if it had, it would hardly have been covert, would it?—but the sign painter had done a great job on the new door: 


Albin X. Vicuna

Private Investigator

Free Quotations Upon Request


He’d had second thoughts about that last part, but a man had to drum up custom however he could these days.


Especially after that nasty business back in Knox Ridge.






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November 29th, 2008

07:56 pm: Not one but TWO completely FREE reads this Christmas!

Great time at the Novel Sisterhood chat loop last night - thanks to everyone who stopped by, and congratulations once again to the contest winners!

Taking a little rest this morning before cracking on with some more edits...but I have news.... Wild Child Publishing has picked up Daemon, my paranormal glam rock whodunnit novel. I'm so pleased! Keep an eye out for updates on that coming soon(ish).

Also, I have not one but two absolutely FREE short reads coming out this Christmas with Freya's Bower, as part of the FB Free Christmas Reads series. Festive fun, and no wallet guilt! It's win-win! ;-D

Both titles feature gorgeous cover art by M.E. Ellis; more details and excerpts hitting my website later today, and free download links coming soon! In the meantime, here's a taster:


Glaistig of Glenmuir

It's Christmas in the Scottish Highlands but Andy, an employee of the Glenmuir Estate, is feeling far from festive. What is the connection between him and Nicky Glennister, the young laird of Glenmuir, and what of the strange creature that legend says roams the land?



The Ice Shack

It may just be the worst Christmas vacation spot he's ever seen, but a tiny cabin right at the edge of the Catskills is going to change Ryan's life forever.
He and his partner Devon--tied down by work and family commitments--have just a few days to themselves, but it seems Devon's got something on his mind. Can Ryan thaw out enough to find out what, or is it going to be a winter of discontent?

That's all for now. Off for a coffee and then it's back to work! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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November 25th, 2008

12:20 pm: 5 Flutes for The Blue Salmon from Cocktail Reviews!

Whee! The Blue Salmon, my Luneyville tale, got 5 Champagne Flutes from Cocktail Reviews. Here's an excerpt of what reviewer Yellow Parrot had to say:

"I laughed out loud on many occasions and wished this well-written tale had gone on forever."

You can read the whole review here: http://cocktailreviews.wordpress.com/2008/11/24/luneyville-usa-book-3-the-blue-salmon-wild-child-publishing/

Luneyville USA Book 3: The Blue Salmon, is available from Wild Child Publishing as of December 2nd. Can't wait? Pre-order now:


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November 20th, 2008

10:00 am: Not one but TWO five star reader reviews for Breaking Faith!

This is what makes a writer's day, week, month...possibly even year. Reviewers' and critics' comments are invaluable, but the people who make us feel really warm and fuzzy are the readers. They also pay our rent. ;-)

So I'm immensely proud to announce - drum roll please - TWO five star reader reviews for Breaking Faith.

"I loved this book and I would definitely recommend it ... I really empathised with the characters ... I can't wait for Breaking Faith to come out in print and will definitely be keeping an eye out for this author in future!"
~ Jo Stephens

"The best part about this book is its brutal honesty. ... It's a beautiful, emotional story and not one to be missed.M. King's work pulls you in, and you're hooked from the very first page. I started reading this book with the intent of reading a little bit at a time, and before I knew it I was so engrossed I had finished the entire book! Two thumbs up from me!"
~ Andrea Berman

Thank you so much ladies!

Read the reviews in full at Freya's Bower: http://www.freyasbower.com/index.php?main_page=reviews

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November 19th, 2008

08:49 pm: I've been pimped!


My adored editor and all-around good egg, M.E. Ellis, talks about how Breaking Faith converted her to m/m fiction. And not a whiff of poo in sight. ;-)

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November 17th, 2008

11:22 am: Events for your calendar, and shameless begging... ;-D

A few fun things to report today, after a bit of a lapse (bad writer! Bad!). I can only blame working on a backlog of ideas, plus my NaNo fantasy novel (yes, yes, more coming soon...) and a bunch of personal stuff. Heh.

Anyway, Ghost of a Kiss will be released from Wild Child Publishing a week tomorrow, that's November 25th. To celebrate, I'll be joining the marvellous Nita Wick, D.N. Lyons, Ava James & Adrianne Brennan at Brenda Williamson's chat loop: 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BrendaWilliamsonRomanceParty/ on the 25th - come say hello! 

There's also a full scale M. King Author Day at Novel Sisterhood on Friday November 28th (9am-2pm MST)
so don't forget to swing by for fun, frolics and FREEBIES! That's right, I'll be giving away copies of Ghost of a Kiss and the 5 star-rated Breaking Faith, plus there'll be sneaky peeks, excerpts and more. And possibly some crude banter. But only if you're good.

In the meantime, voting has opened on the Readers' Choice portion of the Midnight Seductions Authors Endless Romance Contest! I have an excerpt from Breaking Faith entered.

You can read the excerpt here: 
And place your vote here:
I know I can count on you.



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November 2nd, 2008

11:04 am: 5 Angels for Breaking Faith from Fallen Angel Reviews!
Breaking Faith just received a top-ranking Five Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews! ;-) Here's an excerpt of what reviewer Hayley had to say: 
"I picked up Breaking Faith thinking that the blurb sounded good. I hadn’t read anything from this author before and so, taking a deep breath, I dove into the story. I’m so glad I took a chance on this author and this book.
Breaking Faith started out to be a kind of coming of age story. Brett begins his voyage of self discovery as a gay man with Tommy and it is sweet and tender. But, underneath this love story is a much deeper, darker plot line that, at times, had me alternately crying and raging at the characters and the fates. A tale of child abuse, physical, mental, and emotional, the toll it can take on an individual and the co-dependency that can develop because of it is the true story here. ... This is definitely a 5 Angel novel!"
If you'd like to read the whole review, go here.  

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October 31st, 2008

06:12 pm: The Blue Salmon: Swimming Free December 2nd!
I have a release date for The Blue Salmon, Book 3 of the Luneyville, USA series: December 2nd from Wild Child Publishing. I'll post a purchase link when I have one. Happy Halloween everybody! ;-)

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